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We Have Decided, As an Editorial Team, to Not Look Up What the ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’ Story Is


The video game world is lighting up with hot takes about a new video game titled Boyfriend Dungeon, the importance of artistic integrity, and how far content warnings should go. That’s as far as we know and that’s the limit for our website, because we have decided, as an editorial team, to not look into whatever the fuck is going on with this story.

Boyfriend Dungeon, as far as we understand it, is a video game that people are angry about. That’s enough information for us and you know what? We’ve heard it all before. If you’re curious about our thoughts on this kind of situation, feel free to dive through all our articles about all the other times people have been angry about a video game. While we don’t know the details, we’re sure there’s at least something in there that’ll get the job done for you.

And we know that Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, and all the other websites are all diving into this story headfirst. Good for them. In fact, it sounds like they have it covered. Not really sure why we would need to do any article, it looks like everybody has already done one.

In fact, one of our writers posted a screenshot of someone complaining about Boyfriend Dungeon in our Slack and we deleted it. No thanks. Not interested in this one. Don’t even want to know. Don’t have the time or the interest. To even Google the game to know how we should structure a legitimate take on it would be a bridge too far for us.

Besides, we’re really busy working on our exposé about how Splitgate is like Halo if you could use the portal gun from Portal.