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We Asked an AI to Watch 1,000 Hours of Classic Cinema and It Told Us, “Thanks! I Will Add It to the List Haha”


AI technology is constantly improving and it can even be kind of freaky seeing all of the cool things that computers can spit out with just a few inputs. From creating surreal paintings, to writing entire commercial scripts for products that don’t exist, it’s fascinating to see our own creations reflected back at us through the power of machine learning.

We wanted to see what an AI would give us if we had it run through 1,000 hours of classic films from the Criterion Collection and write its own movie script and the results were pretty fascinating.

After inputting the list of movies and scenes for the AI to watch, it immediately spit out this result:

Thanks! I will add it to the list haha

So there you have it! 1,000 hours of classic cinema filtered through the mind of artificial intelligence. 

First of all, it’s pretty amazing how quickly the AI was able to mull over all this data. Generally, it takes a lot of computing power to run through all of this information for an AI. We figured it would have to go through the 1,000 hours in real time and that we wouldn’t get a result for a month and a half. However, the AI blew our minds and spit out this result in just 15 seconds.

We spoke to film professor Hester Simmons at New York University to get a sense of what the script means.

“It’s a very interesting result to analyze, but it makes perfect sense if you’ve studied classic cinema,” Simmons said. “I’m not surprised that the first result is ‘thanks.’ Classic films are known for their kindness, and I think many modern films are far too cruel and unnecessarily grim. I would have guessed, actually, that the first word would be ‘thanks’ due to the sheer amount of gratitude in traditional cinema. Also the ‘list’ in the second part of the script is a clear reference to Schindler’s List. For any more analysis, I advise you to take my course at NYU.”

Well that makes perfect sense to us! Tune in for our next article where we beg an AI to read just one manga that we really like.