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Vague Facebook Rant Praised by Person Who Inspired It


ATLANTA — An unclear post on Facebook calling out the consideration of others in the community has reportedly drawn the vocal support of the person that inspired it, amused lurkers have reported. 

“Enough is enough!” read the status posted by Courtney Greer last night, motivated by the increasingly unhinged and confrontational behavior of neighbor Laura Becker. “We are a community, one big family, and if we don’t act in the best interests of everyone, none of us are going to make it out of this! Use your head, and use your heart people!! I’ve had it!’

The post was immediately championed by none other than Becker herself, unaware that her frequent public episodes inspired it in the first place. 

“Oh my god, Y-E-S!!!!” began Becker’s reply, punctuated with hand clap emojis in between every word. “These sheeple think they can live in a make-believe world and everything will be just as they see it. It makes me laugh!! Okay if I share this?”

Once Becker engaged with the post, Greer says she was unsure how to proceed.

“Yeah, fuck, it was so awkward when she heart reacted it and started agreeing,” she said. “I mean, I posted that right after I saw the video that surfaced of her screaming about Hollywood pedophiles as she was being kicked out of an Office Max. It’s honestly so embarrassing for our whole neighborhood. I think I’m just gonna stay off of Facebook for a week or two.” 

As of press time, Becker had contacted Greer on Messenger and asked why they don’t hang out.