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Top 10 Games We Felt Like Listing, Fuck It


Video game lists are what keep the lights on at important gaming websites like Hard Drive. But did you know it’s not enough to just list the games? No, you must also include a superfluous introduction paragraph, one that restates the very simple premise of the article that you already perfectly understood. With that said, here are the ten games I just thought of because we’ve been trying to post more lists. I dunno. 

10 — Portal 2 (2011, PC)

It’s fucking Portal 2 guys, you think it wasn’t going to be on this list? Suck my dick. 

9 — Fortnite/Warzone/Roblox/Minecraft (Various)

Boss said these had to be on there.

8 — Bigfoot (1990, NES)

This was one of the best monster truck games for the NES, which clearly puts it in the running for best monster truck games of all time. Just save your turbos and use them at the end of the race you guys, it works every time. Also, could someone email me if they have figured out how to get past the hill climb? Almost put this one higher.

7 — Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006, Nintendo DS)

Never played this one. What do you want me to say? I thought the movie was pretty cute, though. It has definitely been a while since I’ve seen it, so maybe it doesn’t hold up.

6 — Blast Corps (1997, N64)

There’s actually quite a few reasons this 1997 Rare release made the list. It’s an absolute blast to play (pun intended lol), but yet it is somewhat overlooked in today’s retro gaming landscape. Additionally, its timed missions were an absolutely original blend of puzzle solving, driving, and destruction, unlike very many games we’ve seen since, and certainly bearing little resemblance to anything else released around that time. Also, Craig borrowed this and never gave it back so I think about it a lot. 

5 — Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (2014, Various Platforms)

Really fought to get this one on the list. Pew pew!

4 — The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (2009, Nintendo DS)

Lot of people aren’t going to believe this one is so high, and that’s fine with me, as long as you quote tweet this article and tag me in your response to it. And then follow me (and Hard Drive). Then we can argue about Zelda.

3 — WWF No Mercy (2000, N64)

I was just thinking about No Mercy. Do you remember that shit?? No Mercy, baby!

2 — Portal 2 (2011, PC)

Oh fuck I forgot to mention the co-op. Seriously go play Portal 2 right now, it’s so good, dude. If you need a co-op partner, feel free to DM me. This article was really quick for me to write, so I have a ton of free time right now.

1 — Castlevania: Sympathy of the Night (1997, PS1)

This is sort of an obvious choice to top the list, but come on, it’s the only choice. This prequel to Castlevania One tells the story of Simon Dracula and his attempts to destroy everything he sees inside of his stepdad’s house. Would go on to influence classics such as Metroidvania and Super Metroidvania. A must play for true gamers.