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This Pokémon Fan Game Is Terrific and It’s a Damn Shame We Just Told You Because Now Nintendo Knows


Have you ever wanted to play a Pokémon game that had every single Pokémon in it? And the option to flip between the art styles of each generation of the game? And a massive open world map that included every Pokémon region with all its NPCs? And do you wish the game was an MMO that thousands of players could log into at once? And that you could also play it in single player mode if you wanted? 

Well the creators of Pokémon fan game Pokémon: Unleashed are working tirelessly to make that game a reality, set to come out in just one month, and unfortunately now they won’t be able to because we just wrote this article about it and Nintendo will undoubtedly shut it down shortly. Oops!

Watching the trailer for Pokémon: Unleashed that released last week, garnering 123 views on YouTube before we showed up, our mouths were agape looking at all the wonderful things they managed to fit into this game. Pokémon fans have been begging for so many features that Game Freak ignores time after time. It’s kind of amazing to think that in a mere month, we’ll be able to experience things like Nuzlocke Mode, Randomized Mode, and more in Pokémon: Unleashed. Well, we could have experienced those things if we had simply kept our mouths shut! 

Because at the end of the day, if there’s one thing — and truly, I mean one thing — that we want more than a Pokémon game that features puzzles in which you use your Pokémon to solve them, it’s slightly more pageviews for our video game website, allowing it to survive without having to shut down for one more week. Because Pokémon is cool, but clicks are forever. Well, not forever, of course. This website probably won’t exist within the next year. But hey, to be fair, neither will Pokémon: Unleashed!

And if that feels grim, you’re right. The internet is a wasteland and Nintendo has a draconian approach to dealing with the fans who dedicate their lives to improving their games. But don’t blame us, blame the prisoner’s dilemma! If we hadn’t jumped on this opportunity, dealing a lethal blow to a fan game that yearned to let gamers experience a modernized version of their favorite monster-collector without having to pretend they like the design of Temtems, then someone else would have inevitably beaten us to it. That’s game theory! And we’re a website about games.

So don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms, just like the rotating Pokémon who would have followed your character in Pokémon: Unleashed if we hadn’t just launched it into a legal volcano. 

P.S. — Nintendo, assuming there’s a 100% chance that you’re reading this because your executives’ eyes glow red like the Terminator anytime a website publishes the words “Pokémon fan game,” can we get some advanced copies of Metroid: Dread to review? Please please please please?