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The 5 Best Gaming Headsets For Just Listening to a Nice Audiobook Once In a While


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Whether you’re a Twitch star or a casual solo player, an absolute essential for any gamer is a reliable pair of high-quality gaming headphones. While these accessories are mostly praised for their ability to provide crisp game audio, many also agree that they are perfect for slowing down the bustle of daily life to listen to an audiobook by your favorite author. Audio is one of the most important elements to make a great work of literature truly immersive, so if you’re ready to invest in a top-notch pair of gaming headphones, here are Hard Drive’s top five gaming headsets for just listening to a nice audiobook every once in a while:

1 — Kotion 3X9000

At the top of the list is Kotion’s 3X9000 series, the best and most widely-used headset for truly hardcore consumers of modern prose. Its wide frequency response range means it is perfect for all fiction genres, being able to handle the levity of Neil Gaiman work or the suspense of John Grisham equally well.

2 — Mpow EG3 Pro

Perfect for younger gamers, this headset was made to handle the touching stories of rebellion and romance captured in today’s diverse selection of YA fiction. Every teen heartbreak is palpable in the timbre of the narration. The EG3 Pro’s noise cancellation feature also helps to simulate perfect silence between the narrator’s pregnant pauses.

3 — Sennheiser GSP 302

The GSP 302’s high quality built-in microphone means team communication with your squad will be crystal clear during a virtual book club meeting. The easy-to-adjust boom arm switches to mute automatically when you swivel it away from your mouth so that Bryan won’t hear you scoff at his derivative opinions about the Brontë sisters.

4 — HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX’s Cloud Alpha is wireless, allowing you to be untethered to your device, just as books can untether the minds from the humdrum of reality. A steady Bluetooth connection, a warm blanket, and cup of hot jasmine tea is all it takes to trick out your setup for relaxing with a book-on-tape in front of a lit fireplace.

5 — Razer Kraken X

Overall, these headphones look amazing and are comfortable for long periods of wear, perfect for Twitch livestreaming for hours on end about your reaction to Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms as you listen to it in real time.

Though some equipment may be expensive, serious gamers should use only the best hardware to sit back, catch up on their reading list, and let the magic of imagination whisk them away. Stay tuned for our upcoming list of most popular gaming PCs for reading e-books and watching PBS online!

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