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Pornhub Introduces Light Mode for Daytime Browsing


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MONTREAL — Popular pornagraphic video sharing website Pornhub announced today the release of a new “Light Mode” which would feature a white-themed user interface for porn enthusiasts to use instead of the default dark mode.

“Some websites and apps are jumping on the bandwagon of dark themes for late night browsing, but here at Pornhub, we’re ready to join the 21st century and finally add a daytime mode for all our unemployed and work-bathroom masturbaters,” VP of Product Brett Hall explained in a blog post. “No more pitch-black background and orange text. Just a nice light grey with slightly darker orange text to surround our videos of step sisters pranking men who look nothing like them into blowjobs.”

“Plus, it’s really great for the religious types who want to feel their eyes burn as they look upon nude bodies, as if being scorned by the wrath of God Himself,” Hall added. “Bright white screens are great for that shit.”

According to the website’s frequent actors, the change is very welcome.

“We have been pushing for a light mode for a very long time,” explained notable porn actress Riley Reid. “We’re professionals. Do you know how embarrassing it is to send friends and family our videos only for them to get hit by a default dark mode like we’re fucking Discord? It’s 2019!”

As of press time, Pornhub finally gave into the demands of their fans and agreed to name the feature “Cum Mode.”

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