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Political Cartoonist Just Gonna Draw Bitcoin as Burlap Sack With Dollar Sign On It


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COVINGTON, Ky. — Shrugging his shoulders as he clicked ‘publish’ on his latest work, political cartoonist Bradley Hughes decided he’s just going to depict the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a single generic sack marked only with a dollar sign in his latest editorial comic.

“I get that you don’t really keep Bitcoin in a sack, but technology confuses me, and this is a hot button issue I need to comment on,” said Hughes, who had in recent comics depicted Elon Musk as the Monopoly Guy, Microsoft as a storage room full of old CRTs televisions, and President Biden as a nondescript man labeled “PRESIDENT” wearing a suit and top hat. “I’m not going to sit down and learn all about some fake money or whatever when a perfectly good burlap sack will get the job done like it always has. Everyone gets what a sack is, and everyone knows what a dollar sign is. This is how you reach the masses.”

Some Bitcoin enthusiasts are disappointed by the inaccurate representation of the misunderstood cryptocurrency.

“You see, Bitcoin is a very intricate process in which highly advanced computer programs solve really hard puzzles,” started Gumberg, a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency connoisseur. “These puzzles then give you money if your computer can solve them fast enough. To belittle this elegant design by reducing it to a burlap sack with a dollar sign is ludicrous.”

Others still say they found the cartoon moving and full of deep meaning.

“It’s very subversive, actually,” said Greg Rugison, a longtime fan of Hughes. “This cartoon posits that digital currency is not actually different from our current system, and both will inevitably feed into the downfall of our society. At the end of the day, they’re both just things stuffed into the same burlap sack. Really powerful stuff.”

Hughes gave us a few words of wisdom about the political cartoonist landscape.

“Listen, the best way to become a political cartoonist is to just draw whatever and start labeling things,” Hughes disclosed. “I can always count on my fans to imbue things with meaning later if I fumbled something. Besides, do I know the broad strokes of Bitcoin. It’s mostly used for drugs online, and it’s gonna collapse.”

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