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Nation Hooked on New In-Browser Clicker Game


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WASHINGTON — Americans are all flocking to a new clicker game hosted on the CVS website entitled Schedule Your COVID Vaccine Appointment, in which players can earn two shots of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in either their upper right or left arm.

“Since switching from Fortnite, my numbers have dropped a bit,” says popular Twitch streamer, Ninja. “Schedule Your COVID Vaccine Appointment may not be as engaging to watch someone else play, but I really miss being able to leave my apartment. If playing this dumb clicker game means I get to see my friends and family again, I’ll play it every hour of every day, dammit.”

An industry first, eligibility to play Schedule Your COVID Vaccine Appointment varies from state to state. New York for instance requires that players must live or work in New York and be of 16 years or older of age, while New Jersey requires a stable internet connection and that players download the game from the Epic Games Store.

“Our little game really blew up overnight! The attention is almost more than our small team can handle,” stated Karen S. Lynch, CEO of CVS Health, the developer behind the game. “We’re getting overwhelmed with player feedback and we are always working to make the core loop as fun as it can be. That being said, players should not expect the drop rate in which appointments come up to be tweaked. We want players to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they finally get that legendary drop of an available appointment only a few zip codes over.”

At press time, players discovered the “insurance information” intro section has no effect on eligibility and can be skipped entirely.

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