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iPhone Game’s Final Boss Just a Big Gem You Buy


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DOVER, Ohio — Players of the lengthy iPhone game Mythic Hero Quest Legends have reported that the final boss is just a great big gem you have to buy.

“The goal of game design is to subtly coach the player on the skills needed to beat the big challenges of the game,” said Brett Richards, the game’s lead designer. “By slowly making them buy gems over and over in the beginning, middle, and end of the game, the players self-consciously know what they have to do when a giant gem appears right before the end cutscene.”

Casual gamer and Mythic Hero Quest Legends fan Lily Reaka described how the bossfight went on her first playthrough.

“It was definitely really tough to buy on my first try,” Reaka said. “I lost so many times, I had to buy some gems to have another shot at buying that huge gem. Sure, I’ve spent probably $450, but the game was free so it feels even.”

Famous streamer and popular Mythic Hero Quest Legends speedrunner Shane Woods explained how the final boss impacts his lightning fast speedruns of the game.

“This boss is a tough one,” Woods said. “Usually I can rely on a donation or two to get me past the mini boss, but this final boss is so expensive I usually have to run out and do some manual labor for a couple hours to get my bank account up enough to beat the game. I’ve been working on getting my split times down by practicing getting out my wallet quicker.”

Richards has also announced a future update, which will allow players to skip the bossfight and the whole game entirely by just paying him $100 on Venmo.