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IGN Premieres New Mario Golf Trailer, Reminding Readers It Supports Mario and Bowser Equally


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SAN FRANCISCO — Video game website IGN has reportedly taken down a post made early this morning featuring new footage from Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush, replacing it with a long explanation of its support for both Mario and Bowser.

The removed post, which simply read “Can’t wait to hit the links as Mario next month!” accompanied by the game’s new trailer, was taken down early this morning, and replaced by a post with comments disabled. 

“We’re sorry if our post earlier today missed the mark,” it began. “We’d just like to remind everyone that IGN supports all of the character’s rights to participate in the new Battle Golf mode of play this game is introducing. By highlighting only Mario, the post mistakenly gave the impression that we were aligned with one side. This was not our intention and we sincerely regret the error.” 

Many on the internet cried foul over what they saw as blatant corporate meddling. According to those close to the situation, IGN’s parent company JR Global receives millions of dollars annually from an undisclosed source within the Mushroom Kingdom who many believe is King Koopa himself.

“Look, the media tries like hell to convince us that he’s totally cool these days,” said one Twitter user. “But I remember my childhood, I saw Bowser do some fucked up shit. They can’t keep trying to convince us Bowser is a good guy here, it’s not working anymore.” 

At press time, IGN Mushroom Kingdom released a statement praising the decision, and further stating that any criticism of Bowser’s regime is a criticism of all koopas.

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