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Guy with 3D Printer Keeps Gun Design Under Pillow Just in Case He Needs It


3D printer, gun

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Homeowner Kris Mullens, 47, reportedly keeps a 3D printer design for a gun under his pillow in case anyone ever breaks into his home.

“If anyone ever come through that door looking to rob or attack me, he better be fucking ready, because I will shoot him dead,” Mullens said, with a grin. “As soon as I boot up my 3D printer, upload the gun design I keep under my pillow, print the gun, upload my bullet design I keep somewhere in a drawer, print the bullet, load the gun, and aim it at his criminal temple. Don’t fucking mess with me or my family.”

According to 3D printer manufacturers, Mullens’ plan may not be as safe as he believes.

“Yeah, printing can take a really long time, but you know the guns are, like, plastic, right? I don’t even know if that would work,” sid Marsha Graham. “I guess that’s kind of a moot point, though, right? Wouldn’t that take a really long time? Is it just like a macho thing? Why is someone reporting on this?”

At press time, Mullens was talking to police officers after someone broke into his home and stole much of his belongings after bonking him on the head, forcing him to pass out.

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