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CEO Reminds Shareholders Pride Month Extremely Valuable for LGTV Community


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ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Thomas Yoon, President and CEO of LG Electronics North America, revealed in a Q2 shareholder briefing that the month of June presented an important opportunity for the company to market towards the growing LGTV community.

“June is a time for celebration in this country, where all members under the LGTV banner can come together in the streets to celebrate their identities without fear of judgment or shame,” Yoon reminded the room. “Which of course makes it extremely critical for us to market our consumer electronic products to every single one of them in the next 30 days.”

The boardroom reportedly gave Yoon a round of applause for the company’s bold new stance, as well as rewarding him with a $10 million bonus.

“LG is proud to offer our support to anyone who feels at home with this community during this powerful month, especially if they have some modicum of purchasing power and an interest in buying a new 55″ Class CX Series OLED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV,” the CEO added, before stressing that this public support would only extend to customers celebrating June while located in North America and Europe. 

Yoon also took this time to educate the shareholders on all the different subgroups that make up the LGTV spectrum.

“So there’s the LG mobile and TV & Audio consumers that we already know and love,” Yoon explained. “But we at LG also need to include the steadily growing Home Appliance install base, which is only barely receiving public visibility.”

When asked if support for the community meant including Samsung and Panasonic consumers, Yoon stated that although LG would not publicly include those individuals in their June campaign, the company does respect those consumer’s lifestyles and choices.

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