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Small Town Economy Somehow Able to Support Fighter’s Guild, Thieves’ Guild, and Mages’ Guild


FAFNIR’S REST — Residents expressed befuddlement at how the village of Fafnir’s Rest maintains a Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and Thieves’ Guild despite lacking many basic services and public goods.

“There are 32 people in this village, living in 13 buildings. Half of those residents are in the guilds,” said Pig Farmer, a local pig farmer. “We don’t have a butcher. We don’t have a grocer. I’ve had the same two pigs for my entire life. Hell, I’m not even sure where we use the bathroom. Clearly, our local government is in the pocket of Big Guild.”

Even some guild members expressed concerns about economic feasibility. 

“It really doesn’t make any sense,” said elven Mage’s Guild head Balanthor Hergemitz, arranging one of fourteen potions of greater healing at his storefront. “I’m really not sure how this town factors into trade, what we export, nor what demand we even have for these guilds. Nobody who lives here has ever bought a single thing from me.”

Other residents, like Thieves’ Guild leader Galabrathion Moonshadow, were less concerned.

“Hey, they let us set up shop in the sewers underneath the inn. I’m not going to look too closely,” said Moonshadow, never addressing how he and his five guildmates, nearly 20% of the population, make a consistent living as professional criminals.

Despite their lack of basic services and affordable options, some local vendors have made a fortune from leaning into the guild economy.

“Brother, things can only go up, up, up! I can barely keep up with demand for magical katanas for those Fighter’s Guild guys,” exclaimed Grabgog Sholguth, Half-Orc weapons merchant, denying accusations that his actions are fueling a bubble in the magical katana sector that could tank Fafnir’s Rest’s economy if it popped. “I don’t pay any attention to those alarmist types.

“They’re no better than the ones who say the Demon King in Mount Shadowdoom will destroy us all,” said the orc. “The Demon King is our friend, and it’s good times ahead for Fafnir’s Rest.”