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IGN Switzerland Announces They Are Staying Neutral in Battle Between IGN America and IGN Israel


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ZÜRICH — After the American IGN published an article Saturday morning with ways to help Palestinians in the wake of an Israeli invasion and IGN Israel published a rebuttal, defending the actions of Israel and the IDF, IGN Switzerland has announced that they are staying completely neutral in the international battle between IGN websites.

“Lots of crazy shit going on between all the IGNs and we wanted to let people know that we’re just gonna post a bunch of stuff about Mario today,” said IGN Switzerland Editor-in-Chief Matteo Beaufort. “I just don’t really think that it’s our place to get involved, even though we’re kinda in the middle of this all as a fellow IGN website, so we’re going to stay neutral. Hope that’s cool with everyone.”

At press time, tensions rose further after IGN Israel completed a hostile takeover of the web servers on which the IGN Palestine website presides.