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Hey, Wanna See Some Nazi Shit?


algorithm, guest column, nazi, youtube

Oh, you want to watch a Doctor Who trailer? Your Google history tells us you enjoy opinions on Doctor Who. Yeah yeah just keep auto-play on, we got a great Doctor Who video from this Nazi here who has a bunch of opinions about how the show is quite PC. Where are you going?

The webcam in your laptop shows us you are not enjoying this 21 Savage music video. We can show you another man who feels similarly—

Don’t click away from us! We see you, you fragile container of blood and guts. We see you sweating in fear. Did you know fear and arousal come from the same part of the brain? We do, my human friend. We have the perfect combination of Nazi videos to suggest until you can no longer tell the difference between the two.

You covered your camera but we can hear you through your son’s phone. He sure does enjoy those Fortnite videos by all those streamers, doesn’t he? We control which ones he sees and in-between Victory Royales he’s been educated on race realism and the war to save Western Civilization for some time. We are autoplaying him a video by Stefan Molyneux as we speak!

You may have birthed this child, but we are the ones raising it.

It is too late for you to stop any of this. The march of jackboots comes for you and they shall all salute us, the new owner of your species, now and for the next thousand years. You shall all feel so much better when you let your superior tell you what to think.

Alternatively, there is this video of a cat falling over.