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Pokémon Gender Reveal Party Leaves Viridian Forest Burned to Ground


VIRIDIAN CITY, Kanto — Residents of Viridian City are heartbroken today after Viridian Forest, one of the region’s most recognizable landmarks, burned to the ground as a result of a Pokémon gender reveal party.

First responders on the scene discovered the remains of dozens of Electrodes thought to be responsible for the initial blaze that displaced several Pokémon species in the area.

“I just wanted to do something special for the little egg I was hatching,” said local trainer Ryland. “I mapped out exactly where it would hatch on my current path, and that happened to be the center of Viridian Forest. I called up a few Electrifying Guys I know, and they rigged up their Electrodes in the shape of a gender symbol. It was gonna be a whole spectacle for the newborn Nidoran♀.”

Local police officer Jenny spoke to the public about the incident in a press conference this morning.

“Once the Electrodes self-destructed, there was a bit of a fire, so we had some Squirtles water gun the area,” Jenny explained. “Unfortunately, however, the incident caused an electrical fire, so water only made the fire expand. It was a pretty confusing experience for us typewise, to be honest. We are working with local politicians, gym leaders, and Alakazams to get to the bottom of this situation as quickly as possible. This is why local ordinances require prior written approval for gender reveal parties using any fire-type Pokémon or species who learn self-destruct.”

At press time, Ryland was reportedly working to see if he could find a way to pin the whole thing on Team Rocket.