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One Man Game Studio Releases Scathing Indictment of How He Treats Himself


LOS ANGELES — An independent game developer who has spent the last several years working alone on his passion project has released a scorching new exposé about the dire conditions he’s faced working directly under himself. 

“No way around it, I’m a terrible fucking boss,” began the letter posted on the social media channels of Fourth Floor Interactive, the one man studio founded by Ian Wilson two years ago. “I ran my big fucking mouth and promised I’d get this game done soon, and so now I’ve been pulling all nighters for months to hit my deadline. I tried going easy on myself and it just didn’t work, I don’t know how to make video games without really cracking the whip, turns out. Not sure what this means for Mondo Fishing Academy going forward. Gonna try to be less of a dick to myself and go eat lunch in the dining room once in a while.”

Friends of his outside the video game industry said they’ve never seen anything quite like this behavior. 

“Yeah so I don’t understand, can’t he just work on it here and there?” asked Corey Balt, a longtime friend of Wilson’s. “He has to spend holidays and weekends coding or else his fishing video game isn’t going to be good? And this is why he doesn’t ever come fishing with us anymore? I have so many questions about my friend. Is he at least going to take it easy now that he told on himself? Or is he in trouble now?” 

Although the project has seen some leniency lately, many close to Wilson describe the progress as long overdue. 

“Yeah, he was doing crunch from like, day one,” said Ty Cooper, Wilson’s roommate. “He went to the bookstore, got some coding books, and didn’t sleep for damn near a week. It’s amazing how far he’s come in so long, but also, I think his life got a lot harder the instant he started making video games. That being said, Mondo Fishing Academy looks fucking amazing and I can’t wait to play it.”

As of press time, Fourth Floor Interactive’s debut had been delayed indefinitely, citing inner turmoil within the company.