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Nintendo Switch Leaker Reveals Bayonetta 3 Will Be a Video Game


According to leaked internal documents, posted to Twitter by industry insider “makomaro,” the highly-anticipated Bayonetta 3 will be released as a video game, which is “a form of computer entertainment played by manipulating images on a screen in order to achieve various goals.” 

The included schematics also suggest the “video game” will be playable with a controller, which the leak defines as “an external peripheral device used to operate software on a gaming console.” 

In a final post, makomaro concluded that, based on the current evidence, the game is probably being developed by a video game developer, a studio that specializes in the production of computer entertainment. He noted, however, that readers should take this analysis “with a grain of salt.”

Fans of the Bayonetta series have been eagerly awaiting more news on the mysterious sequel ever since its first teaser back in 2017. Extensive research has revealed that a teaser is a small preview of an upcoming event that presents little to no information on its contents. This leak represents the first scraps of tangible news for the upcoming title since its first reveal. Following makomaro’s tweets, fans began to speculate as to whether Bayonetta 3 will be playable in their living rooms or if the game will feature sound. 

When asked about confirmation regarding the leak, game developer Hideki Kamiya stated in an email:

“I am simply a director, someone who is in charge of the general operation of producing media, running an organization, or performing an activity. Idiots who leak things need to stop making such ridiculous assumptions.”

As of writing, it has not yet been confirmed if Bayonetta 3 will cost money upon its release.