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Matt Damon Announces He Sees Now That Using the “F-Slur” Is “Gay”


LOS ANGELES — Actor Matt Damon took to social media today to apologize for his use of the homophobic f-slur over the course of his lifetime, announcing that he understands now that to use such hurtful language is “pretty gay.”

“Ugh, I feel pretty awful about this. It really sucks dick to know how much I’ve been hurting people with my homophobic language. But I get it now. Using the f-slur, no matter how you use it, is incredibly gay,” a teary-eyed Damon said in a video posted to his Instagram account. “I have so much love for the LGTBQ+ community and I hope they know that I’m on their side 100%. No homo, but I love you guys all so much. I just hope they can forgive me for how completely and utterly gay I’ve been acting lately.”

According to Damon, it was not until his daughter explained to him the offensiveness of the word a few months ago that he decided to stop using it.

“My daughter has been my guide these last few years with regards to what’s appropriate in the modern world. Just last year she had to sit me down and tell me I couldn’t be friends with Harvey Weinstein anymore. And Harvey was completely devastated, the look on his face just totally sucked,” Damon explained. “It’s just so incredibly fucking hard to be a man right now.”

At press time, Damon reportedly asked his daughter if it’s still OK for him to be from Boston, who shook her head, “no.”