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Live Podcast Taping Derailed After Audience Member Skips Forward Fifteen Seconds


NEW YORK — A live podcast taping was disrupted after an audience member skipped ahead fifteen seconds in the middle of recording, several sycophantic attendees confirmed.

“We were in the middle of deconstructing the logic of Back To The Future when this guy in the third row stood up and yelled, ‘Skip,’” said Dwayne Gillman, cohost of The Movie Guys. “I did my best to predict what I would be saying in fifteen seconds, but then he yelled out, ‘Skip, skip! Wait, no, back!’ I’m not sure how he was able to bend the reality of time, but I seriously hate our listeners. Even if they pay for my incredibly easy life with their Patreon subscriptions.”

Derrick Garnett, one of the podcast’s five main hosts, explained how they ultimately brought this chaos upon themselves.

“Apparently it’s a privilege that came with our highest tier VIP ticket package,” Garnett said. “We didn’t think anyone would actually buy one, but it looks like one person did. I am really not looking forward to talking to this guy, or anyone, at the meet-and-greet. Hopefully he skips through that part as well, but I’m guessing we’re gonna be doing more rewinding than anything else.”

Podcast superfan Holden Wurfield clarified that his attempt to hasten the show’s progress was all out of love.

“I’ve heard every episode of The Movie Guys. It’s my favorite podcast,” Wurfield said, holding a homemade sign that read, “Hold The Ranch,” a phrase one of the hosts supposedly said on an episode six years ago. “But I don’t like when they talk about stuff I don’t like. I usually yell at them on Twitter or complain on Reddit, but this way lets me feel like I’m one of the guys, which is what I’ve always wanted, even though they suck and know nothing about movies.”

At press time, Gillman and Garnett were abruptly cut off in the middle of their recording after Wurfield’s podcast app sleep timer ran out, disengaging all power for the entire venue.