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Idris Elba Clarifies That He Just Tweeted That Pic Because He Likes Knuckles a Lot


LOS ANGELES — Idris Elba clarified that the viral tweet many have taken as confirmation that he is playing Knuckles in the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel was actually posted because he just really likes Knuckles a lot. 

“Oh boy, I really bungled this one up,” said Elba, just minutes after tweeting out a picture of what appeared to be a closeup of Knuckles’ arm and the caption ‘Knock Knock.’ “I was just poking around on some forums and playing a ROM of Sonic & Knuckles and just generally kind of sitting around thinking about Knuckles all day, so I tweeted that picture. I see now how it might have been confusing.” 

Executives were surprised at what seemed like a confirmation of casting information they had not yet released. 

“We’re really in a tough spot now,” said an executive from Paramount. “We were going to do a lot of Tails stuff in the sequel, maybe Shadow. But now people are probably going to be pretty pissed if we don’t have Knuckles in there. And I guess if we don’t hire Idris, huh? Fuck, I’m not sure if we have that in the budget at this point.” 

As of press time, Knuckles superfan Elba offered to play the role for free.