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Here’s Everything We Know So Far


If you’re anything like us, you have trouble keeping straight everything we’ve officially found out from different companies and people over the last several decades of our lives. We here at Hard Drive thought it would help to provide a comprehensive list of everything we know so far! Keep an eye on this space, as we will update the list as more rumors are confirmed: 

  • Forza Horizon 5 will release November 9, 2021
  • It will also be included on Game Pass the day of its release
  • Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remastered heavily rumored
  • Activision is in trouble
  • HBO is doing a The Last of Us show 
  • Netflix is entering the video game world
  • Nintendo Switch is out
  • New seasons coming soon to Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends, and all the others ones too 
  • You have to drink water
  • N64 and Genesis games coming to Switch Online, but buddy, it’s gonna cost ya
  • There’s a whole thing going on with Apple and Epic
  • Boba Fett show gonna come on in December
  • Tap up, up, down to do a special move
  • Water won’t hurt you per se, but you can drown in it
  • Battlefield 2042 holding a 45-minute beta this weekend
  • Demolition Man coming to every streaming service next month
  • Far Cry 6 is out! Or maybe it isn’t yet
  • The PlayStation 3 followed the Playstation 2
  • Humans have been to outer space
  • Checks are kind of like money, but not all the way
  • Castlevania – Whips     Metroid – Girl
  • It’s pronounced “biopic”
  • Nintendo 64 was almost called Super Super Nintendo
  • Ice is the coldest water
  • 32X plugs right into your Sega
  • PS5 is out 
  • The FBI killed Martin Luther King (look it up)
  • Mom’s mad at you
  • Birds make houses out of sticks
  • They’re putting more stuff on Game Pass
  • EA’s gonna be in trouble soon I bet 
  • Final Fantasy 8 is the best one. Or maybe it’s 9 or 6 idk 
  • Instead of saying “wireless-less,” like a dummy, just say “wired”
  • That game you were waiting for got delayed. 
  • The other one did too 
  • Tony Hawk from the video games is a real guy

That’s it! Every single thing we know. I will keep emailing stuff to our Editor in Chief, Jeremy, when I find it out so please bookmark this list and check back in the weeks to come. Thank you!