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We Rank The Two Shirts You Wore During 2020


From the non-stop wildfires in Australia to the garbage fires in Cyberpunk 2077, 2020 will go down as one of the worst years in recent history. Though it was a hard time for most of us, there was one group in particular that struggled to protect us and comfort us. These heroes were on the front line every day, fighting with all their might against multiple crises. Of course, I’m talking about the two shirts you wore during 2020.

From mustard stains, fluctuations in weight, and multiple days in a row of “forgetting” to put on deodorant, these shirts withstood every trial in their path to cover your nipples during Zoom meetings and keep you cozy while you doomscrolled on Twitter.

Here are the top 2 shirts you wore during 2020.

2 – That One XL Shirt Your Mom Got You That Says “I’ll Always Be Mom’s Li’l Angel”

You swore you’d never wear this shirt. It was huge, tacky, and slightly oedipal. It sat there, wasting away in your donation pile. Then quarantine struck. Against all odds, this shirt found its way on to your torso and has almost never left it since.

This shirt has done everything. It kept you warm (but not too warm), it fit easily under a hoodie when you needed to appear on a video call, and it covered your butt and genitals, enabling you to Donald Duck your way around the living room with the blinds open. It would be the number one shirt if not for…

1 – Hard Drive’s Sega Bass Fishing Tee

Some would say this isn’t just your top shirt of 2020, but that it’s everyone’s top shirt of 2020. It’s comfortable enough to lounge in but sleek enough that you don’t feel like a total dork the one time you go out in public every 3 months. The people that didn’t wear this shirt in 2020 were worse off for it. But fear not, you can rectify that situation and salvage the rest of 2021 by purchasing it here: