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Triangle Button Just Happy to Be Included


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PS4 CONTROLLER — Though it is used sparingly in many gameplay situations, local PS4 button Triangle insisted that it is happy just to be included on the controller in the first place.

“Some buttons have job security. Take Home, for example,” Triangle explained. “Every controller needs to make the menu come up. But ‘Triangle’ doesn’t inherently signify anything. I’m just here to do whatever. How am I any different from, like, a Y button? I’m not.”

A neighbor of Triangle’s, Square, expressed sympathy for Triangle’s situation.

“Look, most of the other buttons have a tribe,” Square outlined. “L3 has L1 and L2. R3 has R1 and R2. Even Select has Start, for God’s sake. But for the Big 4, it’s kind of every button for itself. Me? I’m the ‘block’ guy in fighting games. It’s not much, but it’s what I have.”

One of Triangle’s more distant colleagues, the D-pad, shared Triangle’s sense of paranoia.

“I just try to keep a low profile and hope no one notices I’m still around,” D-pad admitted. “I mean, seriously, why do I still exist? If I’m lucky I get to be mapped for shortcuts. More often than that, though, I’m a less functional, redundant control stick.”

“Or worse,” D-pad shuddered, “a camera angle adjuster.”

At press time, a gamer hit Triangle, making the character on screen exclaim “BRAAAH!”