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Teammate With One Damage Uses Max Health Potion


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TAMPA, Fla. — Local gamer Scott Porter faced condemnation from teammates for drinking a Max Health potion when he only had one damage and could have saved it for later.

“It honestly says a lot about our society, nowadays, you know? Makes me think about all the people who are hurting in poverty, working paycheck to paycheck, while their bosses treat themselves to so much more than they need,” said teammate Tamara Lawson, who matched randomly with Porter for a timed event. “Plus, that loser messed up the event so now I gotta wait for it to start again.”

Porter insisted that he shouldn’t be blamed for using something that was his own property.

“I needed healing, and that was the only potion I had. You want me to walk around below peak health just because some other players might be worse off than me? That’s not fair. Maybe other players should work a little harder and save up to get their own Max Potions,” said Porter, who found the potion sitting on the ground in the forest. “Also, my finger may have slipped.”

Another random teammate, Steve Brown, felt the blame should go to the game mechanics, rather than focusing on a personal choice by another player.

“Look, if you give people Max Potions, they’re going to waste them. It’s just a fact. What we need is new policies from the devs, like a basic potion income for every player regardless of level,” said Brown. “Or handle everybody’s health from a central location instead of doling it out piecemeal. Just an idea.”

Since the event, Porter has also faced scorn for using massively underpowered weapons just because they “looked way cooler.”