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Surprise Nintendo Direct Announces That You Can Play ‘Breath of the Wild’ Again Any Time You Want


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KYOTO — Startling and delighting fans who had been starved for exciting announcements from the company, Nintendo announced in a surprise Nintendo Direct presentation today that you are entirely free to play through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild again any time you want.

“Get excited Zelda fans: the most revolutionary adventure game of all time has already been at your fingertips for almost four years now!” began the presentation, with swooping motion graphics and gameplay clips identical to the ones that accompanied Breath of the Wild’s various preview trailers dating back as far as E3 2014. “If you love Breath of the Wild and are still eagerly waiting for its sequel, then you’ll love replaying Breath of the Wild!

Fans online rejoiced at the news that their favorite game was now, and always has been, available on the Nintendo Switch.

“Wow, ever since I finished it in 2017, I completely forgot that Breath of the Wild exists,” admitted lifelong Nintendo fan Jessica Harmon. “My nature as a Nintendo fan is to always be complaining about something else I don’t have access to, but I really needed to be reminded that I already own the best game ever made and I can boot it up again at any time. Thanks, Nintendo!”

At press time, Nintendo confirmed that, yes, they are still charging full price for the DLC.

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