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Shovel Knight to Officiate Indie Developer’s Wedding


shovel knight

ABERDEEN, Wash. — After becoming famous for his numerous guest appearances in a wide variety of other video games, popular indie game mascot Shovel Knight will reportedly make his first cameo outside the virtual realm this weekend, by marrying an independent game developer in a real-life wedding.

Derek Gutierrez, Executive Producer at small gaming outfit Bro-kage Studios, is set to marry next month in Hawaii. 

“Being an indie dev, there isn’t a single figure outside of my partner who has meant more to my adult life and career than Shovel Knight,” Gutierrez explained. “Plus, a lot of people don’t realize there’s a very heated arms race within the indie community to see who can pull off the best Shovel Knight cameo. To all of my peers: check-fucking-mate”  

Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games says the stunt marks the beginning of a larger initiative to expand the character’s appearances beyond the realm of video games. 

“We’ve proven that any game becomes markedly better when Shovel Knight’s involved,” said Yacht Club founder Sean Velasco. “So we figured the same would prove true in real life. That’s why we’re lending him out to anyone that wants or needs him. He’ll host any event, from birthdays to baptisms. Need an unforgettable prom date? We got you. How about a midwife with a medieval flair? The sky really is the limit with Shovel Knight.”

To that end, Yacht Club is reportedly in talks with Marvel Studios to have Shovel Knight cameo in future films in place of the late Stan Lee.

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