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New Black Mirror Theory Explains How Every Episode Fits into Zelda Timeline


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A fan theory demonstrating how every episode of Black Mirror falls perfectly within the Zelda timeline has been developed by anonymous Reddit user u/Waldo-Cucoo.

Waldo-Cucoo explained how various Easter eggs prove that both universes are connected.

“The placement of the episode White Christmas is obvious. The shrinking technology in cookies was clearly developed from the hats that the Minish gave to Link. This places it after The Minish Cap,” the Reddit user explains in his 700-word post.

“Furthermore, The National Anthem takes place before Twilight Princess since the princess that Callow fucked a pig to save from blackmailers was obviously Princess Zelda being held by a group of Bokoblins. This puts the two episodes in the child timeline.”

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  • Fan reaction to the theory has been mixed, but it has caused many to revisit Zelda and Black Mirror with new eyes.

    “This demonstrates the genius of Charlie Brooker, filling in all the gaps left by Nintendo. I’ll never be able to play A Link to The Past without knowing that the home of the Master Sword is the forest in the closing of Fifteen Million Merits,” wrote u/Tingles_Evil_ipad45.

    Others have pointed out issues with the theory, claiming it to be simplistic and overlooking key elements of the show.

    “The original poster clearly plays with his fucking eyes closed,” said redditor u/Majoras_Wipe. “Even the stupidest 4-year-old could see that San Junipero takes place during the opening to Link’s Awakening. It’s the dream he has after the island dream you fucking moron.”

    In the end, the only thing the two camps could agree about was the fact that they have absolutely no idea where Breath of the Wild belongs.

    Article by Jordan Ashley.

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