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NetherRealm Studios Apologizes for Poorly Timed “Sub-Zero Fatality” Tweet


blizzard, fatality, mortal kombat

CHICAGO Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios issued an apology this morning for a tweet on the company’s official feed that appeared to make light of those struggling in below zero temperatures that have ravaged various parts of the country this week.

“Stay safe out in the blizzard Mortal Kombat fans! We don’t want any more SUB-ZERO FATALITIES #blizzard2018,” read the since deleted tweet, which has been attributed to a reckless intern.

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“We are beyond sorry for having tweeted something so insensitive and agree that the accompanying photo of Sub-Zero doing a fatality on the entire east coast was completely inappropriate,” said Mortal Kombat creative director Ed Boon. “We obviously do not want to make light of anybody suffering or dying in these extreme weather conditions.”

“Unless they play Tekken or Street Fighter,” he added. “Then they can go fuck themselves.”

Article by Chuck Kowalski.

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