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Mobile Gamer Discovers 16-Digit Cheat Code


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HARTFORD, Conn. — Local mobile gamer Jeremy Jackson has drastically improved his performance in gacha game Legend of the Bravest Heroes by discovering a very powerful 16-digit cheat code.

“I can’t sit around on my phone all day and rack up experience points, so I kept falling behind all the other players. That’s when I stumbled on this menu screen I’d never seen before,” Jackson said. “Then all I had to do to get some of these sweet rainbow diamonds was punch in a 16-digit cheat code I found on a plastic card in my wallet. Just like Metal Gear Solid’s codec frequency hidden on the back of the jewel case! So innovative!”

One of Jackson’s friends and fellow mobile gamer Jess Greer recalled her reaction upon receiving a flurry of excited messages from Jackson regarding the code.

“I tried to explain to him the card was his credit card, which he’s always had, but he was just so excited that he wouldn’t listen,” Greer said. “I tried to point out to him that premium currency isn’t free and that he’s getting charged for literally every transaction he makes in that app, but he just kept saying that I was jealous of all of his LR characters. So I gave up.”

An executive from the app’s developer, CryoGames, attempted to dispel any notion that the game is at all pay-to-win, backing up Jackson’s assertions.

“Success in our game is not at all predicated on how much money our players spend, but rather on pure skill when it comes to pulling ten random characters with tall odds. The diamond system is there to help level the playing field between players with varying levels of blind luck,” said CryoGames chief financial officer Brad Stewart. “Any resemblance between diamond balances in our app and individual players’ credit card statements is purely coincidental.”  

At press time, Jackson was heard praising the new augmented reality aspect to the game as he fought creditors who had come to repossess all of his worldly goods.

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