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Mini SEGA Saturn Still Very Much in Stock


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SEGA has issued the following press release reminding holiday shoppers that there is no shortage of their Mini Saturn Classic units:

We here at SEGA would like to remind anyone who was unable to get their hands on a Mini SNES that there are still plenty of Mini SEGA Saturns to go around. There are more than enough units for everyone to take home a few this holiday season, actually.

No 5-hour lines for these, that’s a promise. You can pick up a Mini SEGA Saturn right now with absolutely zero wait. Anywhere you go. Trust us, you will get the same nostalgic kick from a Saturn as you would an SNES.

Remember Sonic Jam? Then you’ll love the Mini SEGA Saturn because they all come preloaded with Clockwork Knight, who’s gameplay was lauded for it’s Sonic-like platforming! Sonic didn’t have a key-sword; but Pepper does! If you ask us, that’s pretty good. Please buy this.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

How much are you willing to spend? $79.99 is fine by us. We’ll take $50 if you guys wanna talk.

Our Mini Saturns come loaded with all of your favorite games: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Nights into Dreams…, World Wide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal Edition, and nearly a dozen more!

Don’t worry about shipping. We will drive this to your house directly. Seriously. We have nothing going on. If you order a Mini SEGA Saturn right now, I will drive it to your house and hand deliver it to you. I’ll even hook it up for you and play a few rounds of Virtua Fighter (Note: Virtua Fighter does not come pre-installed but I will bring my own Sega Saturn over).

We’ve already shipped over 500,000 units to retailers around the country. We would really like these units moved as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about us being out of stock. If you place an order you might even receive two.

Does the Mini SNES offer a RAM expansion cartridge? No? Well the Mini SEGA Saturn requires it. Don’t miss out on this.

Again, we cannot be clearer on this: we have plenty of these in stock.