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Millennial Shares How He Paid Off Home Loan by Scrimping, Saving, and Being Tom Nook’s Adopted Son Timmy


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Much has been said about millennials’ financial struggles. Many drown in debt while doing little more than hanging out on the beach, hanging out with neighbors, hanging out at the museum, and splurging on a turnip-heavy diet. But others have shown that with a little hustle, strategic saving, and powerful connections, anyone can become a bellionaire.

Meet Timmy, who in just two months, paid off his home loan and co-founded a successful business on the island owned by his mentor and adoptive father Tom Nook.

“I knew I had to start budgeting after taking out my $2,000,000 home loan from my guardian and parental figure Mr. Nook. It was going to be tough. So I made a plan, and I stuck to it,” Timmy said. “Two months later, I wasn’t just out of debt, but also had a net worth in the bellions.”

Timmy cut his food budget to zero by eating only fruit he grew on the island, and he took every job he could to make money. But importantly, he didn’t spend the money he earned. Instead, he started a business with his brother Tommy, which, through unpaid volunteer labor, he grew into the most successful shop on his father’s island.

“I provided most of the funds and materials for Nook’s Cranny, but I haven’t seen a penny from it,” said Rick, the only human villager on the island. “My understanding is he’s used part of the profits to pay down his debts, and he’s invested the rest in the turnip market.” 

While Rick heard rumors that Timmy, Tommy, and others have made fortunes on the market, he felt that the system was not designed for people like him.

“To me, turnip prices fluctuate so randomly, that I fear tying up what little bells I have in the market,” said Rick after a full day of back-breaking labor under the hot sun. “But he and Tommy seem to be experts at buying low and selling high, almost like they set the prices themselves.”

Even with Nook’s Cranny turning a consistent profit, young Timmy still had six-figure loans to pay. Luckily, his situation took a positive turn when Tom Nook decided to forgive the remainder of Timmy’s debt, as Timmy had shown himself to be fiscally responsible.

“Timmy has demonstrated he’s a shrewd businessman with excellent instincts, and I’m happy to reward such hard work,” said Mr. Nook. “Also, I made up this whole economy and control the wealth and land, and Timmy’s basically my son, so I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

There you have it. If you’re a millennial who’s struggling, learn from Timmy’s example. Financial liberation is just one budget, one store, and one property-owning father figure away.