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Man in Final Stage of Turning Into Bug Makes One Last Journal Entry


giant bug, journal, notes

CAPITOL CITY — Entomologist Steve Gilchrist, an employee of the Hillcliff Corporation, recently made what he assumed to be his final passage in a journal he’s meticulously maintained all throughout his gradual transformation in a giant bug-like creature.

“This will probably be my final entry,” read the scrawled writing in the notebook kept in his office. “Feeling under the weather. Been eating flies. Growing wings. Not really sure what’s happening to me. As I’ve outlined in the previous entries in this journal, my research in this lab holds the key to stopping all of this madness from spreading. If someone were to discover the antidote, well, then it might not be too late.”

The scientist, who had been handpicked by his employer to participate in a study on the long term effects of prolonged radiation on bugs, started to feel increasingly strange partway into his six week study, leading him to suspect he’d been the subject all along. 

“These scientists, they’re all the same,” laughed Montgomery Hillcliff, a mysterious millionaire with a robotic eye, while hanging off of the landing part of a helicopter. “Leave them in a room with nothing but a notebook and a deteriorating condition, and they will scrupulously document every phase of the weird shit that they’re going through. It never fails!” 

Conrad Gunn, the smooth talking gunslinger that many claim is humanity’s last hope, has said he finds these journals and documents left behind by sick and mutated humans to be an incredible help throughout the course of his adventures. 

“Look, when you’ve been to enough diferent settings while still just doing variations on the same shit as many times as I have, you apreciate the little notes and stuff people leave you to tell you what the fuck you’re doing this time,” he said. “I guess this time Hillcliff is turning men into bugs? Not on my watch!” 

At this point, Gunn engaged Hillcliff’s helicopter in combat, neglecting to read the full journal left behind by the late Doctor Gilchrist. Sources have confirmed that Gunn was still able to figure out what he was supposed to be doing.

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