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Incredible: How This Millennial Was Able to Buy Their Own Farm at 21 All On Their Own


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While most millennials are worrying about paying off their college debt and working multiple jobs to make ends meet, one millennial was able to pull off the impossible: maintaining his own farm (that his grandfather left him after dying) at the age of 21 all on his own. 

Meet Joe, the owner of Joe’s Farm in Pelican Town. So how did Joe pull off this phenomenal feat? We spoke to this incredible young entrepreneur and many of the people in his community who are blown away by his success.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it was easy. Clearing up all the rocks in my farm was hard and I considered giving up several times in the process,” Joe explained. “At the end of the day, though, I think anyone can do what I did, so long as they have the determination. It’s just about putting in the elbow grease and really doing your best to learn the ropes. Oh and having your grandfather gift you a farm in his will. That’s also a pretty essential part of the process. But if you got that, it’s something that anyone can pull off with enough hard work.”

Residents of Pelican Town have praised Joe’s arrival.

“I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness. I don’t know if he came from a wealthy family or whatever, but he always knows what to get me: a thick bar of gold,” said Joe’s girlfriend Maru. “I love passion and it’s just incredible what Joe is able to pull off with no help from anyone. We’re not used to people coming through Pelican Town like him, we’re a pretty simple town. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the mayor within five years.”

“Joe really helped me get my life on track,” said a villager named Sebastian. “He explained to me how I too can one day hope to own my own farm if I just really grind it out in the mines, collecting ores and saving as much gold as I can. Sure, it can be scary there because of all the monsters, but it’s worth it to know that maybe one day I can own a home of my own and move out of my mom’s house.”

Hopefully Joe continues to be an inspiration to everyone in struggling with bills! Because no matter how dire things seem, you too can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and buy a farm (or have it gifted to you or whatever).

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