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Help! I Can’t Get Past the Part in Dark Souls 3 Where My Wife Threatens to Take the Kids and Go


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Help! I’ve been playing Dark Souls nonstop for the past three weeks and I’m completely stuck. Does anyone know how to get past the part where my wife threatens to take the kids and go?

I know, I know: casual gamer alert, right? I searched for this issue and nothing popped up so most of you probably figured this out on your own, but I’d love some help so I can progress in the game.

Before anyone responds, yes I’ve already tried parry chain stabbing a bunch of NPCs but when I showed her she just started crying harder.

People weren’t kidding when they said this game is brutal.

She says I need to “communicate my feelings” better. Well who do I have to kill to unlock that?! This game is not very intuitive.

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When did gaming get so complicated? I remember when I first started gaming. My wife and I would stay up all night playing Mario Kart. No leveling up, no story mode, just gaming for fun. Now she hasn’t gamed with me in months. I can’t even get her to touch a joystick let alone ask for a third player to join.

At first, I thought having kids would make gaming even better but all they want to do is play outside or make friends. I tried looking up a friend-making game guide but IGN was woefully understocked in that department.

So if anyone out there knows how to beat this part of the game let me know. A playthrough with commentary would be ideal because I haven’t heard the sound of a human voice since my wife gave me the silent treatment three weeks ago.

Article by Eric Navarro @erictries2hard.

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