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Grimes and Elon Musk Reveal They Named Child to Give Him Infinite Money Cheat


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HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. — Pop singer Grimes and Elon Musk recently announced that their son X Æ A-XII’s unusual name was chosen because it’s actually a cheat code that allows the child to have infinite money, sources confirmed earlier today.

“We all know that we’re living in a simulation, and that simulation obviously has cheat codes,” said Grimes in an Instagram post defending the unusual choice of name. “X Æ A-XII just so happens to be the code for unlocking infinite money. We wanted to make sure our son would have a good future, and this seemed like the best way to accomplish that.”

Musk further explained the decision in a series of tweets.

“I just want better for my son than I had,” Musk said. “I was born to wealthy parents so our family already has plenty of assets, but that could all go away in an instant if I decide to tweet any of the insane things in my drafts folder right now and tank the Tesla stock again. So giving X Æ A-XII infinity money seemed like an obvious move.”

At press time, Grimes and Musk confirmed that despite the benefits of their child’s name, X Æ A-XII is also the code to unlock infinite weird looks in public.

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