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Gamer’s Fourth Attempt at Playing Game Ends at Same Spot


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BISBEE, Ariz. — Despite numerous promises made to friends and himself, gamer Aaron Fernwright’s playthrough of Furi has ended at the same boss for the fourth time.

“Not only have I attempted to beat this boss hundreds of times,” said Fernwright, “but also this is the fourth time that I’ve made hundreds of attempts. At this point, I’m not beating the game, it’s beating me.”

Claiming he needed to “re-familiarize” himself with Furi, Fernwright had deleted one of his previous three saves in order to start from the beginning. Sources close to him report to have seen him beat the first seven bosses at world record pace due to his thorough memorization of their patterns.

“Aaron may be the best Furi player in the world,” said Marcus, Fernwright’s closest friend. “But only for that first fifty percent.”

Leading up to the end of the playthrough, Fernwright posted frequently on Twitter about his appreciation for the game, even going so far as to claim it as one of his “favorites of all time” despite never having seen how it ends. His friends report they were eager to discuss the game with him, but they are opting to wait until he makes any progress whatsoever on the eighth boss before getting their hopes up.

“I’m sure he’ll try a fifth time, and even a sixth time,” Marcus said. “He’ll keep trying forever, but will never make it past The Burst, and every time he fails, he will go back to the beginning and try again. But all is well, I’m sure Aaron is happy, playing the same half of one game for all of eternity.” 

At the time of publication, Fernwright had decided to decompress by starting his eighth Stardew Valley playthrough, which is predicted to be abandoned before he reaches Summer.

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