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Friend Who Played 10 Minutes of Indie Game Highly Recommends It


Hollow Knight, indie game, metroidvania

FAIR LAWN, N.J. — Local gamer Daniel Ortega told his friend Lisa Chang to “check out” the popular indie game Hollow Knight despite only playing it for roughly ten minutes, according to close sources.

“It’s like they really took the Metroidvania genre and dialed it up to 11! Or at least, that’s what the first area is like. After that, it could be a first person shooter for all I know,” Ortega said, excitedly. “And that art style, wow! This one is an instant-classic for sure. I can’t believe people are sleeping on this game,” he continued, plagiarizing various articles he had read about the game over the past couple months.

Chang, however, was able to see through Ortega.

“I was on Discord so I could see him clearly take a break from playing Fortnite, hop on Hollow Knight and then pretty much go right back to Fortnite while he is messaging about how ‘how cool’ the aesthetic of this critically acclaimed game is,” Ortega told reporters. “I’m sure Hollow Knight is great, but does Daniel really know anymore than I do?”

“I’m pretty sure Daniel watched a review by some YouTuber he follows and just parroted all of their points at me,” Chang said. “Which I get, it seems like every week another amazing indie game comes out and you feel like an uncultured asshole for ignoring it in favor of another round of Rocket League, but I thought we were closer than that.”

At press time, Ortega sent Chang a message saying, “you have GOT to check out Celeste, you’d love it,” after watching the title screen video.