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Fortnite v6.03 Patch Notes


fortnite, patch notes

Season 6 is upon us! Here are the latest patch notes for Fortnite Battle Royale.



  • Fixed bug that makes guns fire bullets where you’re pointing.
  • Added new feature that forces you to hear your own voice when you talk and reflect on the horrible things you’re saying.
  • Stairs now have railing so characters do not slip.
  • Removed gluten from Chug Jugs.
  • Removed glitch where some piñatas were filled with actual llama guts.
  • Bloods and Crips emotes added.
  • Minor update: Deleted entirety of Save The World.
  • Added Divorce Papers to Terms of Service Agreement.
  • Shopping carts now require 25 cent deposit but you get your quarter back when you return it.
  • Fixed long-standing issue causing bus to fly in the sky instead of drive on land.




New Weapon: Oddjob Hat.

  •  A powerful hat that you can throw like a boomarang at enemies!
  • Makes your character three feet shorter and far more annoying to shoot at while wearing.
  • Does 100 damage per hit and has unlimited uses.
  • Legendary rarity.
  • Found in chests and on heads of 13-year-olds yelling at you for being bad.

New weapon: I dunno a bird or some shit.

  • It’s just a bird that you can throw at enemies and it pecks them.
  • Does 7 damage per peck at 27 pecks per minute.
  • Epic rarity.
  • Can be found in chests, supply crates, and trees or whatever.
  •  I dunno, we’re gonna get rid of this in a week but for now you can throw a fuckin bird at people. We don’t take this game that seriously.