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Early Access Game About Depression Abandoned by Creator


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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Michelle Avery, creator of “The Sadness Trials,” announced today she would no longer be working on her indie game that would explore what it feels like to have depression.

“In a way, this is the perfect realization of my goal to make gamers understand what it is like to suffer from depression,” Avery said in regards to her decision to quit working on the project. “That feeling of being cheated, like life is somehow unfair, meaningless and completely out of your control? Yep I think that just about nails the metaphor better than my game ever could. I guess you can say I’m a genius.”

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Players who had purchased “The Sadness Trials” were perplexed by the decision and looking for answers.

“As a customer, I am outraged that I paid full price for a product that will never work the way it should. It just isn’t right and has really shaken my faith in a system I thought I could trust,” said Darcy Tourso, who had purchased the game.  “Oh wait, is this what she wanted me to feel the whole time? Or am I just over analyzing a pseudo-artsy indie game for meaning when the truth is she just screwed me for cash?”

At press time, Avery announced she was going to be working on a new game titled “Where Once There Was, There Was Not,” which will retail for 10,000 dollars and simulate what it is like to become suddenly poor.

Article by Mike Amory @TheMikeAmory.

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