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Discord User Accidentally Mutes Self While Using Toilet


PHOENIX — A discord user named FrankieStudz made the unforgivable error of muting his microphone while he excused himself to use the restroom, several participants in a group chat confirmed. 

“Studz said he had to take a huge shit, and we all wanted to hear that fucker, but he muted himself like a complete tool,” said MarkTalbott1434, a member of Studz’ Real Gamerz Only channel. “Completely disrespectful to all of us that wanted to hear that bad boy splash into the toilet. What a conceited prick.” 

Several associates of Studz’s confirmed that this was not the first time he acted in an oblivious manner towards the wishes of his fellow gamers in the Discord channel. 

“He’s always doing something obnoxious like that,” said VapeEscape, a fellow member of the group. “When he eats he mutes his mic, so we’re really in the dark usually about how crunchy his meal is, or if he’s enjoying it or not, that kind of thing. And when we’re in a squad, he never provides constant updates of the inconsequential shit he’s off doing. I can’t even remember the last time he screamed like a total maniac for absolutely no reason. Some people are just so selfish.”

After receiving an anonymous email containing a chat log from a private group holding a discussion about his transgressions, Studz was vocally hurt and confused by the sentiments contained in them. 

“Wait, so my friends all want to hear me take a dump?” he pondered. 

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