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Dickheads Camp in Real Life


black lives matter, BLM, camper, camping, Gamestop, protest

PHILADELPHIA — Photos are circulating social media showing three armed dickheads on the roof of a GameStop store, camping the protests in real life.

“I fucking hate campers,” said Philadelphia protester Jenn Mcfarlane. “We’re just out here trying to peacefully protest police brutality, and these fucking dickheads are camping on a goddamn rooftop. Come down to the street level and talk to us face to face, you cowards. Plus, they’re defending a GameStop of all places. You walk into GameStop with your soul intact and you walk out with $15 in-store credit.”

“If I find out they put C4 on all the windows and doors, I’m going to lose my fucking shit,” she added.

Despite arguments against their pathetic activities, the dickheads in question have defended their position at the top of GameStop.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting onto the roof of a building, making yourself comfortable with some weapons, and terrorizing people from above,” said one of the campers, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of accountability for his actions. “At the end of the day, we’re not actually going to do anything. We’re just here to look down on others, both figuratively and literally.”

At press time, the GameStop campers were taken out by a group of protesters with a ladder.