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COVID Surge Pushes Local Medical Center Over Maximum Capacity of Six


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KANTO — Recent surges of coronavirus have taxed local medical centers, pushing one facility to the edge of overflow by filling all six slots at once.

“It’s shocking because we built this facility to handle the worst of the worst. We calculated the maximum number of incapacitated patients this town could possibly produce, which is obviously six,” said Nurse Joy, a longtime medical professional in Lavender Town. “When that seventh patient came in, we could hardly believe our eyes. These are truly end times.”

Medical staff across the region reported similar issues with capacity, many claiming it was the worst they’d ever seen.

“Once, about twenty years back, a small child came in with six patients at the same time, all of them completely unconscious, many of them burned, others mangled beyond recognition. We were barely able to save them. I figured that would be the worst day of my career,” said Nurse Joy from Cerulean City, looking over a waiting room with eight people in it. “Until today.”

Some patients have even traveled to nearby towns looking for treatment.

“When you have a family member who’s sick, you’d do anything to help them, even venture through a dark forest packed with killer insects and strangers trying to fight you,” said a resident of Viridian City, whose longtime companion was running a fever. “But hey, I did find a flute on the ground, so that’s cool, I guess.”

To slow the spread of the virus, residents have been asked to stay inside their houses, sitting in a chair or standing, or maybe pacing back and forth over and over.

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