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Couple Making Out at Barcade Rudely Blocking Ms. Pac-Man Cabinet


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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Unrest erupted at the Barcade in Williamsburg after a couple began making out in front of the establishment’s sole Ms. Pac-Man cabinet, effectively blocking other patrons from playing the game. 

The incident began around 9 p.m. with the culprits playing the game for roughly thirty seconds before aggressively starting to smooch. Soon, a line of impatient arcade enthusiasts eagerly awaiting a turn began to form behind them, eventually snaking entirely around the bar in a maze-like pattern.

“It’s just plain disrespectful,” fumed one regular player waiting in line. “Where’s the arcade etiquette? Like, okay, you’re dating. No one cares. Stop showing off. Some of us have important high scores to set tonight!”

The situation only got worse as the night progressed. With no end to the make-out session in sight, several frustrated gamers were seen giving up entirely and forcing themselves to play games like BurgerTime instead.

Despite players’ outrage, the establishment itself has benefited from the ordeal. While waiting for the machine to free up, many players decided to kill time by actually ordering drinks from the bar.

“This is the most money I’ve made in one night since I started working here,” the bartender excitedly explained. “Everyone keeps tipping in quarters though, so I have no idea how I’m going to get this giant sack of change home tonight.”

Fed up with the long wait time, one desperate patron decided to force his way in-between the couple to finally reach the cabinet’s controls, accidentally roping himself into a three-way make-out session that proceeded to partially block the Tapper cabinet as well.

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