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Cool Black Car With Neon Green Accents Must Be Owner’s Gaming Car


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NEW YORK —  Using words like “pro,” “premium,” and “racing-style,” sources have confirmed that the black 2015 Chevy Camaro with cool neon green accents parked out on the curb must be the owner’s gaming car.

“That’s not simply some office car you use to get to work,” said Kara Ridley, 26. “No, that’s definitely the kind of car you sit in, idling, to play MMOs for hours on end. They say the mileage is pretty good on those, so you can play for days on a single tank of gas, even with the air conditioning on.”

Onlookers noted that the car’s driver probably looks really cool streaming Fortnite on Twitch from inside or sitting on the hood of the ergonomic sports car, which includes a leather interior, built-in bluetooth speakers and seats that recline all the way back for the most comfortable driving experience possible. Still, some passersby were unimpressed.

“Why do you need a car that expensive just to gamer in? I can easily enjoy, say, Fallout just as much from my regular, old Toyota Camry,” commented Craig Mortimer, 37. “No one needs to spend $50,000 on a car. The driver could just as well use one of the many four-door sedans everyone has lying around the house, instead of these kinds of flashy gameplay automobiles.”

Representatives from Chevrolet have said that their modern line of Camaros were designed with the gamer in mind. 

“A lot of consumers were confused when we gave the driver’s seat full swivel action,” said Len Livingston, VP of Research and Marketing for Chevrolet. “But Chevie is committed to providing cars for gamers and keeping up with the increasing popularity of the lifestyle. Wait until you see the rocket boosters and funny hats we’re putting on the ‘21s.” 

At press time, the car’s owner had come downstairs and was attempting to drive the vehicle into his apartment living room to get a couple extra seats for an eight-person Mario Party.