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Black Mage Tired of Being Followed Around Item Shop


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CORNELIA, World A — A heated confrontation took place at the item shop earlier today, involving a black mage who claims he was being unfairly shadowed by store personnel. Close sources report he also claims it was merely the latest in a series of such profilings.

“I just want to buy my potions and tents and leather boots and be on my way,”  said the black mage, who wished to remain anonymous.  “But every village we show up at, the clerk is always looking at me like I’m gonna steal something.  My gold coins are just as good as anyone else’s.  Can’t I just shop in peace?”

The owner of the item shop denied charges of discrimination, insisting that his distrust of black mages is based on personal experiences.

“Look, I hate to say it, but I know the type,” said local shopkeeper LOCAL SHOPKEEPER.  “Used to see it all the time when I had the Inn. He’d pay for his room like anyone else, sure. But come morning I know he’s going to be going through all my treasure chests and eventually he’ll be up in my kids’ room talking to them about god knows what. Mages like that are the reason I sold the place.”

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The rest of the black mage’s party were quick to defend his character, especially when compared to other members of the group.  

“It’s always the same story,” said the leader of the group, a fighter.  “A guy talks about how he’s had trouble with black mages before and he just can’t trust them not to steal anything.  Um, what about the dude that introduced himself to you as a thief a minute ago? I wish people would just admit when they have a problem with magic users.”