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5 Great Apex Legends Weapons That Will Be Absolutely Useless in Your Pathetic Hands


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Are you looking to up your win rate in Apex Legends? Do you have absolutely no understanding of the basic fundamentals of gameplay? Well, you’re in luck! Apex Legends is full of fantastic guns that could really pack a punch in the hands of a more capable player than you. Here are 5 extremely powerful weapons that you can completely squander in your next game.

1 – M600 Spitfire

The Spitfire is a light machine gun that can rack up damage quickly with its fast rate of fire. Of course, none of that will matter when you zipline into a 3-on-1 fight and empty your clip into the ground, will it? Would it kill you to rebind your controls even a little? At the very least, I’m going to need you to switch aim down sights off “toggle” if I’m going to help you here.

2 – Peacekeeper

At close range, a head shot with this beastly shotgun can hit your enemy for up to 165 damage. At mid-range while sprinting across an open field, I’m guessing you’ll graze your opponent’s leg for around 10 before dying. Oh, but please, don’t let that stop you from getting on mic and commanding your teammates to risk their lives and give chase because “he’s one shot!”

3 – Wingman

Look, I could tell you about how quickly you can take down an enemy with a few well-placed Wingman shots, but why bother? You’re going to scoff at the idea of using a pistol and pick up a goddamn Prowler instead because it looks bigger. You disgust me.

4 – Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

Oh, you want to snipe now? Ha. Okay, buckaroo, I’ll humor you. This rare sniper rifle is perfect for alerting everyone on the map to your squad’s position as you shoot all of its limited ammo reserves into the side of a mountain. Fuck you.

5 – Mastiff Shotgun

The Mastiff is the best weapon in the game, and whoever loots it off your pathetic, lifeless body after killing you with a Mozambique is going to do a LOT of damage with it. Congratulations on being a walking loot crate, champ.

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