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Man Drops Thousands of Dollars on Vast Collection of Long, White Boxes


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SAGINAW, Mich. — Local collector, Travis O’Donnell, achieved a personal milestone at Devastator Comics yesterday after spending his ten thousandth dollar on his collection of long, white boxes.

The achievement largely went unnoticed by other shop goers who were all busy leafing through the week’s newest releases to also add to their own collection of boxes that sit in the various floors of their home.

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“I wish he would have said something,” said Miles Treborn, owner and proprietor of Devastator Comics. “He comes in every week and we make small talk about what comics he is excited to store in his box, figuring out if he should move them from his bedroom to the attic. Just normal shop talk.”

O’Donnell’s collection has grown so large that he’s had to move on to a new collection to support his current one: storage spaces.

“I pretty sure I’ll break five figures in storage fees within two years. That’s really exciting for me,” O’Donnell said.  “Then one day in fifty years when I am dead, maybe my collection will be disappointingly looked through by the guys on Storage Wars.”

Article by Bobby D. Lux @BobbyDLux

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