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8 Things DC Could Learn From “Happy Days” About Cohesive Cinematic Universes


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It’s no secret the DC Extended Universe is struggling with bland movies and tepid fan feedback. Luckily for DC, there is hugely successful connected franchise they can gleam some tips from.

Here are 8 lessons DC could learn from Happy Days about creating a cohesive narrative world.

1) Everything should be set in the ’50s.

The present day is complicated and too hard for audiences to follow, setting everything constantly in 1954-57 brings a sense of stability to fans.

2) Have Superman comically misunderstand Earth culture.

Mork was baffled by things we find simple and my grandpa tells me that was hilarious. Superman should comically misunderstand everything. Stuff like not knowing what a spoon is, or letting robberies happen because he has no concept of property. Humor for the whole family.

3) Make Henry Winkler the lead.

Batman should be recast as Henry Winkler and trade in his Batmobile in for a motorcycle. Who really cares about fighting crime? It’s unrelatable. Batman should spend more time fixing up hot rods and hanging around High Schools.

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4) The movies need high stakes plots, like a dance contest or a drag race.

Who cares about retrieving a box? Its dull and there is no real sense of threat. DC movies should use tense, action packed scenarios like a first date or someone’s car getting scratched. interesting stuff like that.

5) A laugh track so everyone knows it’s funny.

A common complaint from audiences is that DC movies are humorless. Filming everything in front of a live audience will let cinema-goers know when something is funny and should laugh.

6) Aquaman and Lois Lane should form a wacky unpopular band.

These series of films could feature comedic misunderstandings and badly written songs about fish. Everyone I asked on r/Movies thinks this was a great idea.

7) Produce 24 movies a year.

How can the audience be expected to follow a story unless it’s on every week? Before you say this isn’t financially feasible, you can make few of them can be clipshows.

8) More motorcycle jumps

This one speaks for itself.

Article by Jordan Ashley.

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